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Unfortunately Twain is not all twain.  It all depends on how its
implemented.  Plus the quality of the scanner is not always perfect.
Believe me, even standards can be poorly done.


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Don't see why you can't use one of the multifunctions.  TWAIN is TWAIN. But
then, I don't use anything but retail products

for scanning. So nless there's some technical reason you shouldn't use a all
in one unit from walmart, I'd say go for it anyway. 
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Hello to all.  I had spoken to Kurzweil yesterday and they had said that the
All In One scanners do not work well with there software.  So, based on this
answer, what scanners are you all currently using or would recommend for me
to buy.  I'm getting a compter with windows XP.  I'd appreciate any
suggestions you may have.  Thanks again in advance for your help.  

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