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Try the refurb spots like 
or you could try 
The OpticBook 3600 sells, btw, for $240 and can be had from Amazon or 
The current Epsons aren't as fast as the oldest Perfections, but they're not 
too bad from what I've heard.

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  I have Kurzweil, and I have an epson scanner that's lasted for years.  I 
think it's dying a very slow death.  Are Epson scanners still very good for the 
kurzweil program?  What is the fastest Epson I can get, and can I but it at an 
office max or something similar?  I don't think I want a book-edge scanner, as 
I don't have that kind of money right now.
  Any help you all could give would be appreciated.  My scanner's not dead yet, 
but it's slowly dying so I'd like to get it replaced soon.
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