[bksvol-discuss] Re: scanner validating his/her scanned books

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    In the past, when there has been a change in policy, it was announced on 
this list. While I can see the importance of having an additional person verify 
copyright info, I wonder why this change was made with no notice. One of the 
reasons I'm on this list is to avoid missing any new developments.

    As has already been mentioned, I wonder what will happen, if someone 
submits a book that no volunteer chooses to validate. As it is, there are a lot 
of books that have been waiting quite awhile. If this is now a strict rule, I 
hope it will be added to the submission guidelines right away, so other people 
won't run into the same situation Laura Ann did.


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  Hi Laura Ann,
  This didn't use to be strict policy, but it looks like that's changing now. 
Sorry you got caught in the winds of change here. I'm pretty sure this must 
have to do with wanting two people to verify copyright info just to make sure 
that someone doesn't submit things that can't be accepted and then validate 
them themselves. It sounds like you've submitted a bunch of nice clean scans 
and put a lot of work into them, so I'm sure others will enjoy validating them 
and that they will make the collection soon.

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