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I've not had any personal experience with Perfection 2400 in terms of its
speed.  How would you compare it with the 3170?

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Stick to the Epson brand. 
I suggest the Epson 3170,  which is the fastest scanner in the current
lineup and should retail new for $179.  It is rated at 36,000 pages between
mean failures. 
Avoid the cheaper 2480 and 2580,  they are both a lot slower and are rated
at only 10,000 pages between mean failures 
The 4180 at $199 is also very good but significantly slower than 3170.
Other scanners in the Epson brand are alot more expensive:  ignore them. 
On the EPSON refurbished online store you can find currently the following
good scanners: 
Epson 2400 for $75.  An excellent slightly older model with a 30,000 page
duty cycle.  See: 
EPSON 1640.  Older than 2400 but very robust.  Uses both SCSI interface and
slower USB 1.1.  Newer models use faster USB 2.0.  The difference shows up
when you scan with dynamic threshold or grayscale.  This scanner will hickup
(i.e. start/stop continuously during scans,  no matter how fast your
computer is. But if you need to use a SCSI interface, this is the device for
you. $99.00.  See: 
Refurbished 3170.  $124.  See: 

Bottom line is: 
If you want to get the biggest bang for the buck get the refurbed 2400 at
$75:  I have tried this creature and it is excellent.  Kurzweil had approx
50 units in house for internal use until mid 2004.  A real workhorse. 
The 3170 refurbished at $124 is also an excellent unit,  especially if you
think to add a document feeder in the future,  because the 2400 does not
support a document feeder. 
Finally,  if the 90 days warranty on refurbished equipment is not enough for
you,  get the 3170 as a new unit for $179,  which will come with a 1 year

By the way,  the 1660 is no longer available.  Avoid other refurbished
models:  they are either too expensive, or under par, or both. 

Hope this helps. 


Guido Dante Corona
IBM Accessibility Center,  Austin Tx.
Research Division,
Phone:  512. 838. 9735.
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[bksvol-discuss] scanner recommendations?


Hi all,

I'm in the market for a scanner, and seeing as I haven't used one in nearly 
four years I could use some recommendations. What's good and what's not? 
What specifications should I look at when I'm shopping? Obviously, I'd 
rather spend less than more, but if there's something really great out 
there I'd love to know about it.


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