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Hi Kellie,

Would it be laugh?  It has some of the letters of laugh.

I hope someone can get it.  <smile>

Sue S.

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Pratik and everyone else working on my little puzzle, Here's a bigger piece
of context. Oddly enough, I find it somewhat gratifying that I'm not the
only one stumped by this one. <lol>
The conversation had taken place in the cookhouse, the hut that divided the
main house from the dog run, and Luisa, punching some dough with her fist as
if she had a spite against it, said, "He rides when necessary. He knows the
country right away into the Comancheria; he's a scout, as good as any
Indian. The Comanches Jauo-h at the soldiery but never at the rangers. I
think he and O'Toole's rangers have been farther north than any of them yet,
Up there the Comanches had it all to themselves at one time; they used to
ride down from the high plateaus, usually in moonlight, and raid the small


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