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Hi Amber:

I am just curious, where did you get this list?


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Dallas Texas. Any amount will help, no matter how small. 
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  New and Recently Released!
  A Week from Sunday - by Dorothy Garlock
  Publisher: Grand Central
  Check Library Catalog
  Pub Date: 11/2/2007
  ISBN: 9780446577922
  ISBN-10: 0446577928
  Americana Romance. In 1930s Louisiana, Adrianna Moore's life is rocked by the 
death of her father and the revelation that he left his entire estate to his
  greedy lawyer, Richard Pope. Just when things couldn't get any worse, Richard 
informs her that the only way she'll regain her inheritance is to marry him
  in a week. Repulsed, Adrianna takes off in a rainstorm and drives directly 
into the path of Quinn Baxter's oncoming truck. As Adrianna and Quinn become
  more than friends, Richard sets out to find her and force her to marry him. 
Bestselling author Dorothy Garlock's many fans won't be disappointed by this
  entertaining page-turner.
  Shadow Music - by Julie Garwood
  Publisher: Ballantine Books
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  Pub Date: 12/26/2007
  ISBN: 9780345500731
  ISBN-10: 0345500733
  Historical Romance. Popular author Julie Garwood made a name for herself 
writing historical romances, but for the last several years she has concentrated
  her efforts within the romantic suspense genre. Now, in Shadow Music, Garwood 
returns to her historical roots and introduces readers to Princess Gabrielle
  of St. Biel, the last of her royal line. Gabrielle has been brought to 
Scotland for an arranged marriage, but instead becomes embroiled in Highland 
  and falls for warrior Colm MacHugh. Mixing mystery, adventure, and love, this 
medieval tale is perfect for readers who like gripping and passionate 
  well as men in kilts.
  Down and Dirty - by Sandra Hill
  Publisher: Berkley Publishing Group
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  Pub Date: 11/6/2007
  ISBN: 9780425217931
  ISBN-10: 0425217930
  Time Travel Romance. Navy SEAL Zachary Floyd, nicknamed "Pretty Boy" for his 
good looks, has just found out that he is the father of a five-year-old Afghan
  boy who also happens to be the grandson of a Taliban leader. Britta Asadottir 
is an 11th century Norse warrior who has been transported to a WEALs (the
  female version of the SEALs) training camp, where she promptly turns Zach's 
head. But before Zach can win Britta over, he must keep his son out of danger.
  Featuring characters from some of author Sandra Hill's previous books, Down 
and Dirty is the 7th hilarious and outrageous entry in the Viking II series.
  Embrace the Darkness - by Alexandra Ivy
  Publisher: Kensington Publishing
  Check Library Catalog
  Pub Date: 11/1/2007
  ISBN: 9780821779378
  ISBN-10: 0821779370
  Paranormal Romance. In this 2nd hot-blooded book in the Guardians of Eternity 
trilogy (after When Darkness Comes), Lady Shay is a half-human, half-Shalott
  demon whose blood is a powerful aphrodisiac to vampires. Because of a curse, 
Shay lands on the slave auction block, and her new master, Viper, the chief
  of a deadly vampire clan, will stop at nothing to possess her body and soul 
for all eternity. Author Alexandra Ivy also writes historical romances under
  the name Deborah Raleigh; Bedding the Baron publishes this March.
  First Chapter
  Sealed With a Kiss!
  One Kiss from You - by Christina Dodd
  Publisher: Avon Books
  Check Library Catalog
  Pub Date: 11/1/2003
  ISBN: 9780060092665
  ISBN-10: 0060092661
  Historical Regency. During a card game, American upstart Remington Knight 
wins the hand of Lady Madeline de Lacy, Duchess of Magnus, and she is anything
  but pleased. Madeline convinces her shy cousin, Eleanor de Lacy, to 
impersonate her and show Remington the folly of their forthcoming nuptials. 
When Eleanor
  and Remington meet, she finds herself falling for this handsome alpha male, 
and he believes he may have found the bride of his dreams. But how will 
  react when he finds out that Eleanor is not the duchess she claims to be? One 
Kiss from You is the 2nd witty and charming book in author Christina Dodd's
  Changing Places series (the 1st is Scandalous Again).
  First Chapter
  The Widow's Kiss - by Jane Feather
  Publisher: Bantam Books
  Check Library Catalog
  Pub Date: 1/1/2002
  ISBN: 9780553581874
  ISBN-10: 0553581872
  Historical Romance. In 1530s England, wealthy widow Lady Guinevere Mallory 
has buried four husbands--and she is only 28. Widower Hugh de Beaucaire has 
  to believe that some of the land she inherited from her last husband 
rightfully belongs to his own family. With the encouragement of King Henry 
VIII, Hugh
  begins to investigate whether Guinevere's fourth husband died of natural 
causes. In the process, he also discovers his powerful attraction to this 
  and sophisticated woman. Combining political intrigue and vivid historical 
details, The Widow's Kiss is for all readers with an interest in Tudor England.
  His Wicked Kiss: A Novel - by Gaelen Foley
  Publisher: Ballantine Books
  Check Library Catalog
  Pub Date: 4/25/2006
  ISBN: 9780345480101
  ISBN-10: 0345480104
  Historical Regency. Life with her naturalist father in the jungles of 
Venezuela might be exciting, but independent Eden Farraday is miserably 
homesick for
  the glamour and social whirl of her native England. When she meets the 
charming Lord Jack Knight, she thinks she has found her ticket home, and stows 
  on his London-bound ship. But what Eden doesn't know is that the dashing 
rogue will demand a scandalous price in exchange for her safe passage. This 
  high-seas adventure story is the 7th book in the Knight Miscellany series, 
after One Night of Sin.
  First Chapter
  Kiss Me, Annabel - by Eloisa James
  Publisher: Avon Books
  Check Library Catalog
  Pub Date: 12/1/2005
  ISBN: 9780060732103
  ISBN-10: 0060732105
  Historical Regency. In Much Ado About You, impoverished Tess Essex finds 
love--and financial security--with super-rich Lucius Felton. In Kiss Me, 
  the 2nd book in the Essex Sisters series, it's Annabel's turn to snare a 
wealthy husband. However, her plans take a detour when she lands in a carriage
  alongside the seductive--but penniless--Earl of Ardmore. If you like the 
exquisite prose and well-matched protagonists in this book, don't miss the 
  of the Essex sisters' stories in The Taming of the Duke and Pleasure for 
  First Chapter
  Kiss of the Night - by Sherrilyn Kenyon
  Publisher: St. Martin's Press
  Check Library Catalog
  Pub Date: 4/1/2004
  ISBN: 9780312992415
  ISBN-10: 0312992416
  Paranormal Romance. Immortal Viking warrior Wulf Tryggvasen has quite an 
unusual quality about him: human beings cannot remember meeting him five minutes
  after he leaves a room. But when he meets 26-year-old Cassandra Peters, it 
turns out that she can remember him--and that she is no mere mortal. She is
  destined to die on her 27th birthday, and she must have a child before then 
if she's going to save the world. Vampires, spunky characters, and sensual
  love scenes make this Dark-Hunter novel a standout in author Sherrilyn 
Kenyon's popular series.
  First Chapter

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