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  • Date: Sun, 18 Sep 2005 17:41:59 -0400

Apparently not.  Romance novels I can perhaps understand.

My particular concern is for the purpose of this list. Among other things, people get access to books whose subject matters are sometimes controversial or of idiosynchratic interest to members. For instance, we have a lot of books on teaching disabled students, life as a disabled person, books on service animals and books which would not have a wide enough appeal for other services to provide. We also have books which appear in a timely manner because members choose to scan them. So, we get Harry Potter books or books whose political relevance partly had to do with timeliness.

All these factors are important assets for bookshare. Implicit censoring ofreading available to blind and non-paper reading folks is very real even if it often goes unrecognized. I do not even mean it is intended as censorship necessarily though sometimes that is true too. I know RFBD only records certain kinds of books for example. The ability to scan is a luxury some of us remember not having when younger. Poor scans of important material amazes me too and saddens me. I am proud of bookshare and want us to provide books of high quality.


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