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Hi Tiffany, 


You are correct. When the books are bounced back to the validation cue,
it is the original copy of the file. I don't particularly like this
policy, but it's essentially beyond my control to change it at present.
So you don't lose your validation work or credit, I suggest keeping a
saved copy of the books you validate on your hard-drive until you get
the official approval notice. 


I know it would be ideal if a note could be sent out when a book bounces
back to the approval cue. I'll talk to the engineers and see what we can





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On the step one page tonight, I found a few books which have already
been validated and approved, but they say they were bounced back to the
step one page for different reasons, checking page breaks, copyright
information, etc.

My question is, when it's bounced back to the step one page, is that
copy the original file again, or the already validated once cleaned-up

I would really hope it to be the second, but they're appearing back in
their original formats, so I'm left to assume the second.


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