[bksvol-discuss] Re: resubmitting a book

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Add a note in the comment text area.  State that the book is a replacement 
for a copy of the same title already on Bookshare.  To make life easier 
for the administrator,  give the Kurzweil quality rating of the new and 
old copy if possible.  For example:

This is a replacement and improved copy of
a title already on Bookshare.  Per Kurzweil,  spelling accuracy is as 
Old copy:  xx.yy%.
New copy:  aa.bb%.
Please replace the old copy with the new one.


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Please respond to


[bksvol-discuss] Re: resubmitting a book

How do I note that so the validator doesn't can it when he/she
sees it is already on Bookshare?

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Hi Gary,
In case you can't find the submitter you're still welcome to
resubmit an
improved copy of the book.

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