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I admire Amber for being willing to give her opinion in the face of what seems to be overwhelming opposing sentiment. It seems odd that requests for folks to be civil are so blatantly shot down on this list. I've been avoiding stating an opinion because I was hoping people would realize that pretty much everything has been said and most have given their opinions several times and would recognize it's time to move on. Let those resign who feel that's what they must do and let the bookshare staff absorb the comments on adult content and suggestions about including phrases in the descriptions that might be helpful to some. Let's get back to scanning and proofing issues. Actually as I write that I can feel a bunch of attacks coming my way that this is all scanning and proofing related. So just let me say ok to that. Still the discussion has been going on too long and everything has been said. Let's move on please.


At 03:03 PM 9/9/2009, you wrote:
I have a question for you all to consider here. Please do not think I have gone half-cocked here, for I assure you this is not the case. I have spent hours thinking of the best way to put this and I put the question to the volunteer community as a whole. Let us say I'm a new volunteer. I am excited about joining Bookshare's volunteer team, but I don't really know what I'm doing. I decide to join the BKSVOL list to get some tips. I write in with a series of questions. Meanwhile, I am also seeing messages from others flying back and forth across my screen. I as a new volunteer may not know what it means, but I am smart enough to get the tone of the message. Some people seem very friendly, but there are those whose messages seem rude, to put it frankly. Then the answers to my questions start coming in. Some seem OK but then there are others, like E.'s messages that we all know about. As a new volunteer, maybe I now feel like I shouldn't write into this list anymore for advice. After all, if I get a snarky response to my first question, what will happen when I submit further queries? Let's face it folks. We were all newbie volunteers at one time or another. In fact, some of us still are. Why are people not being treated as they should be? Are we saying it's OK for rude and "brusque" and I put that in quotes behavior tolerated? Aren't all volunteers afforded the same right to be treated with courtesy and tolerance? Why is it that a few people can be rude and intolerant, scaring off dozens of volunteers over the years.. Why is that OK? Because they proof hard-to-proof books? Don't we as a community have more respect than that? No matter how hard one works, or what books they tackle, is that an excuse for rude and off-putting behavior? Aren't we as volunteers doing a huge disservice to those who have joined? Saying to a newbie, or heck, anyone, "Well you know what? Their messages are rude, or brusque, but don't worry, they have gotten better, and you should just ignore the behavior"... That's enabling. We as a volunteer community are enabling rude behavior. We have ignored the problem for years. Has it gotten better? No, it does not appear as it has gotten any better. The rude behavior is continuing, with no end in sight. and with the "ignore it and it will go away" attitude most people here seem to have, the behavior is being enabled. Now the behavior has been addressed and you are begging rudeness to return? Why? \ If this person were someone we worked with, and every time you came to their desk, if you got a "brusque" response, would you continue to come back? Probably not, at least I know I would not. I don't know why volunteering is any different. Volunteers are being driven away, and this is OK? I beg to differ. If we are adults, as so many on this list have said, why are we not acting like it, curbing out words, thinking about what we say, and treating others with COURTESY and respect?

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