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  • From: Laura Ann <agapetouchmassage@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 22 Mar 2009 08:11:54 -0500

Hi Jamie,
good post.
Yes, the standards are rising.
But the manual does not address what is expected so I am wondering if newer volunteers aren't aware of things like reading the entire book vs. doing what is in the manual.

I know I too like you did not realize this in the beginning as a new volunteer.

I now read through the book completely.

I have learned and grown as a proof reader and as a scanner/submitter.

some other thoughts on this topic are....
My concern is that the new volunteers or ones that aren't on the list might read some of the post that are in tone hostile and angry and why would they want to join this list?

I have seen volunteers criticized and judged but have any of them been offered help, or ask if they need anything?

Statements saying any volunteer should be on this list and then say that person is attacked why would they want to spend time on the list.

Just some thoughts for volunteers on this list to ponder.

I think as a community of volunteers we should be more ready to help than to attack....

There are some volunteers I have heard say they are very careful of what they post here because they know even asking an innocent question they will set off a long chain of emails and or they will be heavily attacked or shamed for asking questions or clarifying something.

I have experienced this lately when asking a question I had wondered about on page numbers. I recieved comments that I should already know this and its been thoroughly discussed.

I think twice now about posting if I have a question and I am sure many other volunteers do the same.

I have seen this happen to many others as well and hope we as volunteers on this list might stop and think before posting will this encourage or discourage.

and what was it like for me when I was new to volunteering?

I also am concerned at the huge amount of email.
If volunteers have to spend so much time reading emails from the list it will detract from the time they have to volunteer and work on books. This is a high traffic list and there may be those who aren't on this list due to that.

So I think its very important to have a mannual that gives guideance on what bookshare suggest for what it is looking for in scanners and submitters.

Just some thoughts.

Laura Ann

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