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Think I'll weigh in here.  The last time I knew, all that was technically 
required of proofreaders was that the page count be correct, the title page be 
in tact and all of the copyright info should be there.  if I'm wrong, I 
appologize.  the philosophy of bookshare was "if it's good enough for you as a 
scan, it's good enough for bookshare'.  as for the quick turn-around on some 
books, some of us work in teams.  I scan a book, give it to my wife, she proofs 
it very carefully and then we process it through the bookshare system making it 
look like it was grabbed and 'jiffy proofed'.  i assure you it was not.  But i 
don't believe people who grab a book, spot check it for errors, ensure that 
copyright and title page info are present all in 15 minutes or so are doing 
something wrong.  if bookshare wants thoroughly proofed books, they need to 
change the system to ensure that nothing less is acceptable.  An analysis could 
be done on a submitted book and then again on the final checked-in book and if 
the same high bad word count still exists, reject the book.
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