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Hi all,

What bothers me about all this is that these two proofers are disting the 
volunteer community and more importantly, they're disting the larger community 
of Bookshare readers.  This is not fair, and I believe that Pavi has the 
responsibility to let these people know that one, they are observing the letter 
of the law, but not the spirit of it.  And two, they are accumulating a great 
deal of resentment against themselves by behaving in this way. 

I, personally, feel resentful because I'm working on a book that requires a 
great deal of TLC right now.  All the headers have to be stripped, and there's 
a whole slew of blank pages with no numbers on them that do not need to be in 
the book.  All the regularly numbered pages are fine, and the chapter headings 
are fine, but these stupid blank pages without headers or numbers need to be 
removed.  I'm doing this, slowly but surely.  I'm finding that Kurzie is doing 
an excellent job on this book, and I can edit more easily, but it is taking 
time and it is taking effort!  I'm not complaining because I don't want to do 
it, I'm complaining that since I'm doing this one book and it's daking me a 
month or more, these two yahoos are racking up credits on a daily basis, 
credits they haven't earned.  

Note:  If any submitter wants a proofer for mysteries or science Fiction or 
fantasy if it isn't vampires, I'll proof.  I also like kids books.

Actually, this book I'm doing right now is quite interesting.  It's about why 
and how women staked claims for homesteads in North Dacota.  It's a social 
study, and is really quite readable. 

Ann P.
On Sat, Mar 21, 2009 at 04:56:09PM -0500, Bob wrote:
> I think the idea was that those of us who read this list know it's a fake 
> hold. 
> Bob
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>   If they are available to anyone, why do they say "Hold for Reader"?
>   Shannon
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>     I have two books that have "hold for reader" on them which are available 
> to "anyone".
>     -- 
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