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Although Mike and I tend not to agree on a whole lot, with this I completely concur.

In fact, I have gone as far as to suggest a 30-day max on a book.
If you can't validate a book in a month, either your not trying, the book should be rejected immediately or you are just leisurely reading it and you'll submit it when you get around to it.
None of these possibilities are acceptable.

I have seen people renew a book 14 times in a row, (3 and a half months)
There is no defensible explanation for this!!!

Jake, the original structure of bookshare with validations being worth 20% of a submission needs to be looked at.
Too many times vallidation to people means "rubber stamp."

This of course was bookshare's error in the way things were originally presented.
However, as the system matures, things need to be done differently.
I guarantee you, you don't get a lot of grant money if your books are sub-standard. Bookshare knows this and this is why the push towards quality is under way.

-- Rui, goldWave@xxxxxxx

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Whether the official time is 1 week or 2 isn't the problem.
Frankly, unless a book were a real treasure, an important or significant
work, or a rare book -- spending 1 week, say nothing of 2, would imply
that everyone would be better off with a rescan.
Part of the problem in extending a 1 week to a 2 week holding time is that
there are people who download, and then never release a book they have
chosen not to validate for whatever reason.
There is nothing wrong with someone grabbing something andthe then
deciding not to validate.
But they ought to have the courtesy of getting the book back in

There is a reason that validating earns 20% of the credit of a submission.
And as I have said above, if you have to do that much work to the book, it
may well be something best turned down.
And if you have no time at the oment to validate, then one might best take
a vacation from validating.
The goal is to get books into the hands of users as quickly as possible;
extending validating times defeats that goal and encourages slow

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