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Just to be a contrarian, I'm not convinced that every book on the download list is actually worth being validated so am inclined to think that Marissa was on the right track in this regard.
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I think/hope you've started a good  trend, E, by doing
that, i.e., stating what and why you've released a
book --also by releasing it instead of rejecting it
right away. If, for example, it was Mike's book, he
could read the  post, download the book himself and
fix it by rescanning pages or whatever. In the case of
the Dale Carnegie book, others can cooperate and work
on it.   I hope others will follow your example.

The books I've taken no one else wanted for more than
9 months, in some cases year. I doubt anyone would
bother to rescan them -- they are, except for the most
recent one I've taken that I'm working on, and a
couple that will be put up when I get the books that
need my eyes, are romances. I may reject or I may fix.
I didn't want them deleted from the download list, and
people were complaining that the list was too long.
Marissa had said that books that had been on the list
for over a certain amount of time would be deleted,
and so I took these. If anyone wants to validate them
or wants to know what they are, I'd be happy to
release them to you. Just write to me offlist, or if
there's enough interest I'll post the titles. There
are only 6 left. They are txt with, I suspect based on
the ones I've completed, missing and duplicated pages
and fractured sentences.


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If you find you are working on a book and it is
taking a lot of effort and
you say something on the list perhaps someone has an
idea to streamline
it.  Also, when I give up and release a book, I have
started mentioning the
book and what caused me to quit on this list.  Since
there is no way for
successive validators to officially leave one
another notes about a book,
this is as close to a running commentary as I can

I only know for myself rank spelling vastly
streamlines what I can do to
fix up a book.


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