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Cheryl's original message asked for a Hard Line Break, which is not a
Paragraph Marker or ^p which I believe is equivalent to your \n or new line
character in your message.

Hi Kelly.  Somehow I didn't get your message yesterday.  How do you write a
line break? Carriage return didn't work. Thanks.

Cheryl, and Kelley,

If you're trying to do a Hard Line Break in Word or what Word calls a Manual
Line Break, then it's ^l for searching and Shift-Return for typing.

^p is a soft line break or Paragraph Marker.  That is what you get when
pressing the Return key while typing.  It's equivalent to an ASCII Carriage
Return.  That's why Word says to substitute ^0013 (ASCII 13) for Search and
Replaces where wildcards are used since ^p is not recognized with wildcards.


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Hi Cheryl,
In Word, it's ^p .

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