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If I remember right, you said previously that she was using a BrailleNote,
right? If so, it sounds like she's reading in the Book Reader, which, if
memory serves (it's been almost two years since I've used a BN), prevents
one from modifying files they've opened in that app because, well, it's a
book "reader", meant strictly for reading. If she reads the book in the Word
Processor, she should be able to edit the book fine, and if it's still
protected in the Word Processor, she can unprotect it via a protection
option in the File Manager, I believe. Just a thought...

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Cindy I was just wondering because my friend will say
this book is hard to read because of this problem or
that. And I will tell her, fix the errors and submit
it. And she says that it won't allow her to edit the
file because it is protected. She uses a Note Taker
because she is both blind and deaf.

But I guess there isn't any way for her to fix the
errors in the book so I will quit bugging her about

Jamie in Michigan

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