[bksvol-discuss] Re: rejected "Flash Flood" by Diann Mills

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  • Date: Thu, 8 Jun 2006 08:43:36 -0400

Ok, let me see if I can help you all help me be a better validator.

E, I appreciate your candor.  In the environment in which I work for 
employment I have had to learn to recognize concern over abruptness and 
the like and so I simply received your statements as attempting to help me 
do a better job.  thanks for that.

Ok, let's see...

I use Microsoft Word as the editor to do my validating.  I do not have any 
of the tools like OpenBook or Kurzweil.

When I validate I do make a lot of spelling corrections if they are 
obvious.  If there is any question I leave them as is.

the 2 books I have rejected so far have had a large number of missing page 
breaks.  I have followed Jake's tips and have looked for section breaks 
first Once it is clear that those are where page breaks should be I have 
converted them to page breaks.  These books have had well over 200 pages 
but only approximately half as many page breaks.  When reading through the 
text I noticed that between the existing page breaks there is nothing to 
indicate where a page break should be placed.  I looked for things like 
page header/footers or page numbers or even multiple blank lines.  None of 
those were found.

In the books I have approved I also found many missing page breaks but 
they had page headers/footers and page numbers that I could use to know 
where the breaks should be located.  those books also had approximately 
half the page breaks missing. 

When I am validating if I notice patterns of commonly misspelled words 
occuring repeatedly I do use global find and replace actions to fix all of 
those misspellings.

Does this help?  I hope I wasn't too wordy.

Thanks all.

Dan Beaver
IBM Global Services Lexington
outside: 1-859-243-3411
tie-line: 8-545-3411

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Please respond to


[bksvol-discuss] Re: rejected "Flash Flood" by Diann Mills

What are you using to validate books?  I mean are you using Word, or k1000 

or what?  What you use tells us what tools you have.  k1000 has a 
set of tools for dealing with scanning errors.

Please let us know what kind of scanning erros you are encountering.  Many 

can be fixed with careful use of find and replace commands.  For instance 
cornmand can be replaced by command and cornputer with computer.  "1 have" 

can be replaced with "I have" and so on.  Often something which seems 
littered with error can be cleaned.

The kind of errors and scanning problems which are much more troublesome 
fix are repeated cutting off of ends and beginnings of lines while 


At 05:45 PM 6/7/2006, you wrote:

>Wow! there are tools that will actually handle those kind of 
>probloems?  Ok, one more ticki mark on the wall of things to handle 
>Thanks for the ensight.
>Dan Beaver
>IBM Global Services Lexington
>outside: 1-859-243-3411
>tie-line: 8-545-3411
>"E." <thoth93@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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>Please respond to
>[bksvol-discuss] Re: rejected "Flash Flood" by Diann Mills
>Please, if you find a book like that with a lot of scano typing errors, 
>it back on step 1.  A lot of correcting can be done on just those kinds 
>errors with k1000.  You may want to talk about your reasons for rejecting 
>book on this list before actually rejecting it.  Then, you may find you 
>release certain books for others to work on who have access to tools you
>may not have.
>At 05:13 PM 6/7/2006, you wrote:
> >                 I really hate rejecting books.
> >
> >I rejected this one because it has lots and lots of misspellings due to
> >scanning errors.  It also has lots of page breaks missing due to 
> >double pages without being in double page scanning mode.  there is no 
> >to tell where those missing breaks should be placed.
> >
> >Whoever submitted it originally do so again and I'll be happy to 
> >it again.
> >
> >Thanks.
> >
> >Dan Beaver
> >IBM Global Services Lexington
> >outside: 1-859-243-3411
> >tie-line: 8-545-3411
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