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  • Date: Sat, 13 Jan 2007 16:04:18 -0600

Baen Webscriptions are a feature of the publishing company Baen Books,  
whose website can be found at www.baen.com

ReadAssist.org hosts the application form for Baen's free-to-disabled  
program, and processes the applications for Baen Books.  The  
application itself can be accessed through a link on the eBooks page,  
under eAvailable Books:  http://www.readassist.org/read/ebooks.html

The link is contained in the item describing Webscriptions; the  
application itself is at  

The ReadAssist.org website has a number of links to audio books,  
ebooks, and software that can make a computer read aloud, many of  
which you may find of interest.
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