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Should have read that over.  I'm saying that if it's not available either 
through library loan or directly from my specific library, it might as well be 
banned, especially if said banning has a political/historical inclination.
Of course no library can have everything, that goes without saying.

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  It doesn't matter to me whether a book is explicitly banned or my local 
library and other libries in the library have decided not to carry it.  I still 
don't get to read it.  

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    I just want to clarify something here.  We are not saying to allow ALL of 
the books into a school library...we just want to be able to access them.  It 
is true that some of these books are not meant for children due to the adult 
content, but it does not mean they should not be available at a local public 

    I personally find it ridiculous that To Kill A Mockingbird, Harry Potter, 
Of Mice and Men, etc. are being banned from schools.  If it is a religious 
preference, then it is up to the parent to pay attention to what the child is 
reading.  These are public schools which are meant for everybody...for all 
races, ethnicities, and religions.  As such, their libraries need to be 
expanded upon...not limited!!  This is just taking knowledge away from 
children...do we really want to do that?  

    To shorten this discussion, no books should be banned.  There is a time and 
place and audience for each one of these books.  We are Americans and as such, 
are we not supposed to work towards supporting our freedoms???



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