[bksvol-discuss] reassurance for the paranoid, guilty, concerned?

  • From: "Estelnalissi" <airadil@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 3 Jan 2007 16:39:07 -0500

Dear Fellow Booksharians,

Most of you are familiar with the common situation that while studying medicine, Future Doctors, Nurses, etc. become convinced they exhibit the symptoms they are reading about and are suffering from the catostrophic or rare illnesses in their textbooks. What they are really suffering from is emersion in the details of pathology, anxiety, exhaustion and paranoia.

I'm experiencing a similar bout of the frets. As I read about bee es oze, entering editors' names correctly, kick backs, and incomplete and incorrect information in the uploading form, my anxiety about a book I uploaded a few days ago is mounting exponentially!

It was a BSO. It had a long title. It has both an author, an editor and a copyright under neither of their names. All I can think about is that the scanner's hard work and mine as validator will be lost, that I'll cause Gustavo to gnash his teeth, that the book will be kicked back or forgotten on the back burner because I made a hash of the upload. I'm already 99 percent sure the answer to my question is, "No Way! Just wait and see like the rest of us." But, I have to ask.

Is there any way we can access our uploading form once we've sent it, to reassure ourselves we've filled it out right, or to fix something we suspect we overlooked? It's like going back home, letting yourself in, and checking that the stove is turned off. Is it possible?

I need to stay busy, easy since I've got plenty to do, and let time tell, but I had to ask.

Always with love,


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