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BlankSounds like a header.

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  Hey Guys, 
  Can someone tell me what are the legitimate reasons for rejecting a book? I 
have the book that  I have been proofreading for some time and I am starting to 
see that some of the sentences are not continuous. Here is an example: 
  streamers through the low, heady atmosphere. These sounds, of life in

  its infancy, were there as John Verlaine was woken by the incessant

  shrilling of the phone; and such a call at that time in the morning

  meant, more often than not, that someone somewhere was dead. [**here is where 
one of the sentences is not making sense] 

  New Orleans Police Department for eleven years, somewhere in

  amongst that three and a half years in Vice, the last two years in Homicide;

   single, mentally sound but emotionally unstable; most often tired,

  less often smiling." 

  ***The book is not "flowing" so what should I do? This is early in the book 
and I am just starting to figure out why it has been taking me a while to 
finish. I just thought that this was just a book that didn't peek my interest 
but I see now that is not the case. 

  Please advise. Thanks 


  "Just because you do not have sight does not mean you lack vision."-Stevie 

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