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Whether to reject for this kind of problem is a judgment call. You should skip through the book to find out if it occurs often or just in part of the book. If it occurs often, you have to reject the book and explain the problem. If it is just part of the book, you can try to contact the person who did the scanning and see if the messed up pages can be sent to you. If you don't get an answer from the scanner, sometimes a person on this mailing list can find the book and get you the messed up pages.

This kind of problem often occurs because, when the book was scanned, the lines were cut off on on side. They can be cut off near the binding by not pressing down hard enough to make the page flat on the scanner. They can be cut off on the outside edge because the book slipped when it was being scanned and the outside edge was no longer on the glass of the scanner. As I said, if it doesn't occur often, you can likely get the pages fixed and don't have to reject the book. But if many pages have problems, you have to reject the book so the scanner will know what has to be done to make good scans.


On 6/14/2012 8:51 PM, Dornetta wrote:
Hey Guys,
Can someone tell me what are the legitimate reasons for rejecting a book? I have the book that I have been proofreading for some time and I am starting to see that some of the sentences are not continuous. Here is an example:

streamers through the low, heady atmosphere. These sounds, of life in

its infancy, were there as John Verlaine was woken by the incessant

shrilling of the phone; and such a call at that time in the morning

meant, more often than not, that someone somewhere was dead. [**here is where one of the sentences is not making sense]

New Orleans Police Department for eleven years, somewhere in

amongst that three and a half years in Vice, the last two years in Homicide;

single, mentally sound but emotionally unstable; most often tired,

less often smiling."

***The book is not "flowing" so what should I do? This is early in the book and I am just starting to figure out why it has been taking me a while to finish. I just thought that this was just a book that didn't peek my interest but I see now that is not the case.

Please advise. Thanks


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