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your assumption that the books in the newsletter were scanned in-house and
not validated is incorrect.  I know because I scanned another one of the
books in that list.  Just for the record, I was thrilled that one of my
books made it in the newsletter.  Those books went through the same process
that all books go through.  If anyone rushed it through this list without
doing a proper job, then it was a volunteer and not the Bookshare staff.
Also, if there's a problem with the book, then you should call it to
Gustavo's attention because Bookshare does care about releasing quality
books.  The only time I know of that they rushed a book onto the site was
when the last Harry Potter book came out, and they not only went back and
cleaned it up and rereleased it just as soon as the cleanup was finished,
but let everyone know that the first copy had been rushed through and a
cleaner version would soonn follow.


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Since we are on this subject of quality, I am presently reading 1776 by
David McCullough. Since Gustavo mentioned this book in his newsletter, I
assume that it was scanned in office. It was given an excellent rating but
obviously the stripper wasn't working part of the time so there are
unreadable garbled lines. I assume that these books are not validated since
one wouldn't have to read very far to begin to see the problems. What
especially concerns me about such books is that their rating of excellent
makes them available for brailling through the Braille Institute; as this is
fairly costly, I for one would be very disappointed if I paid that kind of
money and ended up with the not esxcellent quality. I know there are
differences of opinion on this list, but I for one would far rather see
quality than 24000 books, too many of which are not enjoyable reading. I am
a braille reader and maybe this is more noticeable for us, but I can't
imagine how DAISY handles the garbled lines either. Is it really that
important to sacrifice quality by not validating in favor of having the book
on Bookshare so soon after it comes out?

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