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An Android app for Bookshare is under development. To the best of my knowledge 
a release date has not been estimated yet.

Scott Rains
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Is the Read2go App. coming to the Android? For the Android you can use the App, 
Moon Reader Pro to read and listen to the Bookshare books. It is easier to 
download a book onto the computer and then transfer it to your phone than to 
download the Bookshare file directly to your phone. The book needs to be saved 
in either .txt or .rtf in order for the Moon Reader Pro App. to recognize the 
file. The Moon Reader Pro App. works by gestures and you can customize these 
them. I haven't tried reading a Bookshare file on my Android phone yet because 
it is not worth it to me to do this. In the past, when I had listened to a book 
with the use of the Moon Reader Pro App. my phone ate up too much battery time 
and I would rather read the book either on my computer or on my Book Port Plus. 
However, reading a Bookshare file on your Android phone is presently an option. 
You don't have to wait until the Read2go App. becomes Android compatible.


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