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I would be interested in looking at that list. I already have a good many of 
these, but I know my list  is far from complete. I'd like to add any from 
your doubtless more complete list that I'm missing.

I am thinking that these may be useful in future work I expect to be doing, 
particularly  with Tolkien. Some of his writings contain a fair amount of 
Old and Middle English, and I am not presently sure how that is to be dealt 
with. It may turn out that it will not be possible to render that into 
readable text for Bookshare. But your list may have a bearing on whether or 
how that might be done.

Thanks very much.


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  I have a whole list of those special characters if anyone wants it.. and 
how to write them.. with all the Anglo-Saxon and Gaellic  I have much cause 
to use them!  Of course, the capitalized ones are different from the lower 
case ones.  In Word I set up an autocorrect to turn "ae" into "æ".

  Have a wonderful æthel-day!


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