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Does it bother you if the validator's time is limited also so he doesn't remove 
the headers either?
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  Hello Jill:
  Scanning and validating is a partnership. When I scan I don't take out the 
headers. It is not a matter of not caring. My goal in scanning a book is to 
present to Bookshare the best exact copy of the book that I am scanning. So, I 
do spell check the book since I can check mistakes against the book while I 
have it at home. If I spent more time tweaking the book before I send it to 
Bookshare then I would have less time to scan. My scanning time is limited. 

  I do agree that scanners and validators should get equal credit for their 
work. I hope that bookshare can review this policy and provide the validators 
with equal credit. This is especially true since the list of books that need 
validation is quite long.

  Jim Nuttall -- Michigan

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  For the benefit of new volunteer validators; there is no requirement to 
  eliminate page headers. This is completely optional. There is no easy way to 
  do it. When I am scanning, I remove all headers, preserving the page 
  numbers, but as a rule when I am validating a book where headers have not 
  been removed, I in no way consider this my responsibility. At the present 
  time, submitters are being compensated far more than validators, so if they 
  don't care enough about their book to remove the headers, the validator need 
  not either. Just my two cents. 

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