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    You mentioned that the explanation about Ranked Spelling in the K1000
manual didn't make much sense. I find that the more I work with a feature,
the better I understand what's in the manual. After you have played with
Ranked Spelling a little, you might try rereading that section in the
manual, for more information. You can also press F1 from anywhere in Ranked
Spelling, to find out more about the particular control you're on.

    In addition, you may want to reread the section in the manual on the
spellchecker, as some of the spellchecker features also affect how Ranked
Spelling works. For example, you can set the spellcheker to ignore words in
all caps, which will cause Ranked Spelling to do the same.


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> Hi Mike,
> Thanks for the info.  I have just started to play around with it.  It's
> real clear yet as to just how to do it all but I will get it figured
> out.  It does look like a great feature.  Before now it was just a word
> that I had heard but  knew nothing about it.
> I think I'll have fun.
> Bud
> At 03:19 AM 2/19/2005, you wrote:
> >Bud
> >
> >Ranked spelling is one of the most valuable editing tools offered by K1k.
> >Whereas the Spellchecker shows you the list of all misspelled words,
> >ranked spellings shows you those same words in the order of most frequent
> >to least frequent.
> >Generally, at the top of the list are proper names that appear in the
> >which normally can be ignored as incorrect spellings by you.
> >Ranked spelling allows for ignoring the errors, entering the spellings
> >into your dictionary, individually or globally replacing, and even hand
> >editing and examination of the errors.
> >It became a part of K1K with either version 7 or 8.
> >
> >I'd urge you to begin experimenting with it on a document or 2; and I
> >suspect once you become comfortable with it, you'll wonder how you
> >and edited books without it.
> >And that suggestion goes to any K1K user out there who hasn't used Ranked
> >Spelling which is available under the Tools menu.
> Bud Schwab
> W 6 Z Y P
> Malibu, California

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