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The third possibility is that braillenote still does this with files over a certain size. I have had this happen. I just give up. I am tired of braillenote tech staff telling me I am alone in having this issue.
I know this is of little consolation.


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A couple hypotheses:
1. Perhaps your card is very close to full, and even though the file fit on the card, there may not be enough wiggle room for it to be opened. If you go into the file manager, then directory and press space until you locate the compact flash card or storage card, depending on which you are using, you can hit an i chord to hear how much free space is on the disc.
2. The other idea, though less likely, is simply that if the braillenote flash disk is close to full, the bn often becomes very neurotic, preventing common operations for no other apparent reason. Let us know of your progress.


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I am trying to open a large .rtf file on my flash card of the Braille note and after about three or four minutes of trying to open, it gives me the message that there is not enough space on the disk to open the .rtf file... Any thoughts?
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