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Hi Monica,
I'll answer your questions and include the web address for the part of the
scanning and proofreading manual which is entitled "Scan a Book".
If all page numbers in the book are at the top of the page, you can leave
them there.  If all page numbers are at the bottom of pages, you can leave
them there.  If they alternate, or are not all present, it really helps a
proofreader, if you are so motivated, to have them all either at the top or
the bottom, and present.
It is helpful to remove running headers from the book, as long as you have
made sure that all chapter titles are present first.  Sometimes the
placement or not of running headers is the only indication to a proofreader
where chapter titles should go, and what they might be.
Finally, no, very sadly, there is no single downloadable file containing the
scanning and proofreading manual.
Here is the web address of the "Scan a Book" section of the scanning and
proofreading manual
Hope all that helps!  If I've been unclear, please, ask again and I'll give
better instructions.


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Hello.  I wanted to write and ask a few questions if I could.  I scanned a
book yesterday and would like to get it in as good condition as possible so
that it's easier for a proofreader to approve.  Is there a place in the
manual that I can access for ideas?  I realize I have been on this list a
while but I haven't scanned or proofread books, mostly because of time and
partially because I haven't really remembered how. Example- where page
numbers should be, do we delete the header information on each page which
I'm assuming is the name of the book or Chapter title.  


Also, is there a way the manual couold be downloaded in one document?
Thanks as always for your help.  I have books I need to scan for a class I'm
taking at church and thought I could submit them to bookshare in the process
because the publisher normally hasn't had books on bookshare at all.  Thanks




Monica Svopa 


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