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Kurzweil doesn't keep pictures.
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Denise, I'm curious about this as well, so hopefully those with answers
will respond to the list. What software are you suing? I was under the
impression that Kurzweil and OpenBook did not keep pictures. I
understand that they will keep images of the scan, but I didn't think
that they kept pictures, if there were any in the book.


Denise Thompson wrote:
Hi All

I just had a book rejected because it had pictures. I didn't know they
were there of course, but according to the message I recieved, in web
view they show up. I did delete some as I wentalong when it was at the
top of the page or the bottom and I encountered them as I was working
on headers or page numbers. I knew some objects were in the book
because when I opened it each time to scan more pages, it would open
in Word and say that the document has such and such number of objects.
I have some questions related to all of this that perhaps some of you
can help with.

I know that the last two books I've scanned and submitted were the
same. They also had "objects" in them. Both of those books were
approved. So that makes me wonder if the other proofers deleted the
pictures or whatever the objects were before submitting for admin
approval or were they just passed. Anyway that leads me to my next
thought and that is why this proofer didn't delete them or maybe the
proofer is totally blind like me and didn't know they were there. So
is there any way for those of us who can't see where the pictures are
(unless our cursor happens to fall on one) able to find the objects
and get rid of them?

Also, if there are pictures there, why can't the book be saved and a
daisy with pictures and them the pictures deleted and saved as a daisy
without pictures. If books with the pictures are saved then a copy is
made without pictures, isn't there someway the pictures are stripped
in which case can that  be done with the books that those of us submit
who don't know the pictures are there. The suggestion by the bookshare
team was for me to rescan the book with no pictures checked and
resubmit. I looked through Open Book and don't see anywhere that I can
check not to have pictures scan. I'm curious also because I thought
when you saved a book as a text or RTF file most attributes were lost.
why does it retain the pictures?

As you can see, I'm full of questions. If this is too much and you
want to contact me off list, that's fine.


At 10:11 AM 10/6/2009, you wrote:
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