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Katerine, that's funny about the screen light having gone out! When I first started volunteering, the wonderful late Mayrie Renae told me I was at a disadvantage if I ever tried scanning, because I was sighted. She said she'd found that scanning in the dark, which she usually did as being blind it didn't make any difference to her, yielded significantly better scans. We tossed some ideas around about why that would be with some engineers I know. The best guess is that it works that way because there isn't any ambient light around the edges of the book when you scan in the dark, making for a sharper contrast in the scanned image.

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That’s weird because all of my RTF files open in Word. You can also open an Docx file in Word and save it as an RTF file. I use RTF a lot and have never used WordPad. Could be b/c I use Office 2010.

I edit in RTF for the exact reason you mention of not wanting to lose format in a switch.

Some of you will find this amusing: the computer I use for scanning is archaic because I have to have Windows XP for the scanner I use. I asked a sighted person for help with it a year or so ago, and he told me he couldn’t help me at all because he couldn’t see the screen. I guess there’s a light for those who need it and it has gone out, so all the JAWS and other programs work, but only a blind person can use the computer.

*This is one of the reasons I don’t try to upgrade what’s on it either as I’m totally on my own if something goes wrong. I just thought it was a funny story when I asked him for help to try to make the scanner even faster and he told me I was on my own.*




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Thanks all for your good ideas.

In answer to why I changed the format, I am more familiar with the Jaws keystrokes for editing in Word than I am in Word pad which is where RTF files are opened. Also, I have not explored in detail, but I think Word has more features to choose from. I might be able to do it in Wordpad, have not tried yet.

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