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That's weird because all of my RTF files open in Word. You can also open an
Docx file in Word and save it as an RTF file. I use RTF a lot and have never
used WordPad. Could be b/c I use Office 2010.

I edit in RTF for the exact reason you mention of not wanting to lose format
in a switch.

Some of you will find this amusing: the computer I use for scanning is
archaic because I have to have Windows XP for the scanner I use. I asked a
sighted person for help with it a year or so ago, and he told me he couldn't
help me at all because he couldn't see the screen. I guess there's a light
for those who need it and it has gone out, so all the JAWS and other
programs work, but only a blind person can use the computer.

This is one of the reasons I don't try to upgrade what's on it either as I'm
totally on my own if something goes wrong. I just thought it was a funny
story when I asked him for help to try to make the scanner even faster and
he told me I was on my own.


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Thanks all for your good ideas.

In answer to why I changed the format, I am more familiar with the Jaws
keystrokes for editing in Word than I am in Word pad which is where RTF
files are opened. Also, I have not explored in detail, but I think Word has
more features to choose from. I might be able to do it in Wordpad, have not
tried yet.

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