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Hi, Mayrie!

Sorry if I was not clear.  The physical book is not numbered, but the tool 
numbers it and it only has half the page breaks of the actual volume.  I 
I was told/had read somewhere that we had to retain all pages of the actual 
book, but if it is an unnumbered book and there is no text, can or should we 
delete them?  The thought had never crossed my mind ... I just 
always either described or said picture not described or blank page on pages 
with no text. Occasionally picture descriptions can actually break the rhythm 
a book that is sing-songy and things like that.  

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Hi Valerie,
A quality report should be made if the pages containing  pictures are numbered 
in the book. Removing numbered pages throws off page count  and should be 
rectified, so that the book's page count and numbering are  accurate.

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I always check my books with books in the collection before donating them  to 
the library, schools, or needy families.  I ran across a book that the  page 
count was off, and immediately I was thinking book quality report.   However, I 
looked deeper and half the pages were picture pages and the  volunteers had 
eliminated the picture pages.  I was under the  impression we were not to 
any pages, but in this case, it almost made  sense.  Doug and I could do a BSO 
or repair and add picture descriptions,  but was wondering what others think...
Feedback gratefully appreciated!Valerie 

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