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Hi Sarah, 

I would say go ahead and take a look at it. It has been on the site, like
you say for a while, if you can get it out great! 

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Jake, and anyone else who might know something about the book for 
developing C++ programs for Nokia phones, I'd like to know if I should take 
the book and look at it.  Any information about it would be useful.  I 
don't propose to edit it, but I will take it and check it for acceptance by 
the bookshare standards.  My husband said he would look the book over a 
little to judge whether it looks usable or whether it is a mess.  I can do 
some checking too, but I am no expert in C++ and checking it with speech is 
something I consider a bit of a nightmare anyway.  If someone else wants to 
do the job that's fine, but I don't want it to wait much longer since it 
has been arround since March.  Someone can always submit a better copy 
later if that becomes possible.

Sarah Van Oosterwijck
Assistive Technology Trainer

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