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Have your friend contact me off list at maithe007@xxxxxxxxxxxxx  

The person's name should be Carl Rogers...that might be the problem.

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  I am posting this for a friend if anybody can offer him any suggestions, 
please reply directly to him below.  Thank You.

  Hi all.

  I'm studying, here in Scotland, the Person Centered Therapy approach to 
  counseling. We are using the grate American Carol Rogers but I cannot get any 
of his texts in the university library. I can order books and get them scanned 
for k1000, but this takes too much time. I've an assignment due in on 18 
February and I have no books.

  I'm looking for a list member who has studied PCT and who may have text 
  copies of Roger's books that I can download, or anything to do with the Self 
Actualizing Tendency.

  Sorry this is a bit off-topic for most, but I'm really beginning to panic 
  about this assignment.

  Any assistance would be very welcomed.

  Best wishes.

  "Andy Logue" 

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