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Have you compared these results with those of a typical flatbed?

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  I have been a volunteer in the past for validating books, but I just got a 
copy of Openbook 9 and the Pearl camera and would like to contribute scanning 
books if I can. I am wondering if anyone else uses this setup, as the few books 
I've tried to scan from my public library came out less than adequate. A couple 
were cookbooks, but a couple were books of short stories. I am getting a lot of 
garbage at the top and bottom of pages, and some things just won't recognize. 
I've made sure the books are lined up with the edge of the Pearl camera stand, 
and that the camera light is enabled, but the scans I'm getting just aren't 
that impressive. If anyone has any ideas of what I can change in Openbook for 
optimal results, or has any other suggestions I would really appreciate them. 
Thank you.

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