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Does the book have an ISBN on it?  If so, you can check with Amazon or any 
library you can access, and see how many pages it should have, then check to 
see what the last page in your book is, if it has page numbers, which it should 
have.  If you don't have an ISBN, check to see if it ends in a complete 
sentence.  If so, then that is at least better than it ending in the middle of 
one, because it tells you that it is at least more likely to be complete.  Does 
it have an Afterword, or an About the Author section at the end, or an 
Acknowledgements page?  That is another indication that it is probably all 
there.  You could check some source you trust such as a library or a bookstore 
online and see if any of the editions they have match the number of pages you 
have in yours.

The apostrophes may very well be correct.  I just scanned two books with 
apostrophes for all of the dialog.  So check them out and see if they surround 
people talking.  If so, then they belong.

Hope some of this is helpful.

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  I am validating a book that was ARK format....
  The book just has copyright bla bla bla then nothing else it just starts 
chapter one.
  Nothing that says all rights reserved or no dedication or anything....
  just title then copywright date and holder then begins.

  It ends with text and I can't tell if it is the end or not....I don't know if 
it is complete.
  There is no back cover, nothing like would appear at the end of a book....how 
do I figure out if it is all here or not....I am not sure if I should reject.

  Also wondered there are lots of ' marks starting sentences....are these 
quotes in a quote or just marked up.

  It is harder to follow this way?

  Would appreciate any feedback.

  Laura Ann

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