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Dear Laura ,

Many books written with British grammar use the apostrophe in place of the 
opening and closing quotation marks we're used to. Cindy might be able to check 
the title page for you. If that's all that is missing, you might choose to 
validate that book. Hop around a few pages and see if you think the text is 

Most books I've validated or downloaded to read haven't had information from 
the back cover after the end of the content. In fact, since people usually read 
the back cover when they are deciding whether or not to try an unfamiliar book, 
some volunteers who scan put the back cover information before the title page 
and label it, back cover, in parenthesis. The parenthesis is a clue that the 
words back cover are a validator's note. 

We can give you tips, but you decide what you want to do. If you are really 
sure the book is botched, it's fine to reject it. If you are on the fence, you 
can release it. Other validators will eventually check it out and validate or 
reject it.  It's up to you.

Hope that helps. 

Always with love,

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my control, changing shape in every new mind that absorbs it."
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  I am validating a book that was ARK format....
  The book just has copyright bla bla bla then nothing else it just starts 
chapter one.
  Nothing that says all rights reserved or no dedication or anything....
  just title then copywright date and holder then begins.

  It ends with text and I can't tell if it is the end or not....I don't know if 
it is complete.
  There is no back cover, nothing like would appear at the end of a book....how 
do I figure out if it is all here or not....I am not sure if I should reject.

  Also wondered there are lots of ' marks starting sentences....are these 
quotes in a quote or just marked up.

  It is harder to follow this way?

  Would appreciate any feedback.

  Laura Ann

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