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Mary,  I am talking about MP3 reading,  not txt reading in BC.
I am also talking about publishing standards:  'good enough for government 
work' is not good enough.


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[bksvol-discuss] Re: question: Re: page breaks

I also read with the BC and K1000 and am all too familiar with the fall 
asleep while reading phenomenon. But I still don't see the problem in as 
sserious terms as you. The bc, for instance, has what it thinks of as page 

navigation, but its notion of page does not correspond necessarily to the 
real thing. You can still navigate by what it arbitrarily thinks of as 
pages and find that place where you fell asleep. So the point is that you 
navigate by chunks and find the place, whether those chunks correspond to 
the actual printed pages or not. If the only option were fast rewind, that 
would indeed be tedious. But its not the only option. 
The issue here, it seems, is that you are willing to make the text 
unavailable to the people who can find ways that work for them with 
respect to dealing with the text, because you'd reject all such 
unpaginated texts out 
of hand. I'm all for some sort of notation telling people up front that 
this particular book has no page breaks. But I can't see depriving people 
of readable texts because the page breaks are missing. 
 It seems like a wild distortion of priorities to allow for texts with 
garbled passages, which nobody can make sense of, no matter their skill at 
navigating, while at the same time, making an immutable standard, page 
breaks, without which, a text, no matter how excellently readable, may not 
enter into the collection. 

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