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Morning, Gwen!

Maybe you could refocus for a while, Gwen, and read some books and see if the 
synopses fit them.  I know there are many books needing better synopses and not 
many people have the patience to take the time to see if they can be improved.  
You could read books that interest you and if you think you can improve the 
long synopsis in particular, sent the title, author and suggestion on synopsis 
to Carrie.  You would be reading books you enjoy, reviewing ways to make them 
more interesting to prospective readers and doing a service all at the same 

Just a thought on another way to help Bookshare!


On May 7, 2010, at 8:16 AM, gwen tweedy wrote:

> I know it won't be me because it's tougher for totally blind people to do 
> things like this.
> I'm finding it hard to find anything to proofread partly because I'm so picky 
> *smile*
> that is why  I did some children's books because I love them, but I knew 
> there  would be no surprises such as strong language violence and explicit 
> discriptions  a person like me may have to give it up because I'll have 
> nothing to do and just go back to reading.
> yeah there are numbers of books up there but if you don't know what doesn't 
> have these things or ones that have quirks that sighted people need to do 
> nothing against that,
> but for me being totally blind, I'm just finding it more frustrating to even 
> find a book and yes I know that is just me so  disregard this whiner you'd 
> call it.
> If I'm not going to be interested in a book or have the fear of what I'll run 
> into in the book, well it just seems more and more the choices for me are 
> gone I have nothing to choose from,
> cause there is something I can't do in it, it needs to be worked on by 
> someone smarter better than me or it's old and you can't and the list goes on
> some days I just get hit with the give ups!
> Gwen
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> Hi, if the outsourcers are no longer going to do cookbooks, who will? 
> Regards, Kim Friedman. 
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