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I proofed "The Garden of Ruth" and finished it just last week. There were
quite a number of problems with the original scan, but I cleaned it all up
and thought I did a very good job. I would appreciate it if you would
download it and try reading it and let me know if you find more problems. I
am usually very picky about my proofreading. That was a very difficult piece
of work it took me quite a while. I would appreciate any feedback from the
final product.


The rating of "good" is only a scan, not after it is proofed. At least that
is my understanding. I think it should be changed after it has been
proofread. It bothers me to think that all of my work went for nothing if
nobody is going to read it because of the original rating of the scan. That
does not seem right.


-- Doug


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It's funny that you ask this. I saw a book entitled "The Garden of Ruth"
that looked like a really great historical. However, it only had a rating of
"good", and so, like you, I opted not to read it.


I know Carrie often sends books back for further editing, and so, I'm
wondering how, in the midst of so many excellent books, we're seeing those
marked good.


Solstice Singer

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Hi, I don't want to sound unreasonable as I'm glad it's in the collection,
but how did the book God's Creative Power for Healing pass through and make
it into the collection with only a rating of good?  With some of the typos
and scanos in excellent books that I've seen, did this fall into the cracks
or are the reasons it only has a good rating minor?  I admit I'm a bit
intimidated with books only marked good.  I'm afraid they'll be unreadable.
I'm just curious and thanks very much for your efforts in getting this book
into the collection at all.  Could somebody give me a heads up on why the
rating isn't excellent so maybe I can help or read the book better?  Thanks
and have a blessed day.  

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