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About a year ago, I went through a real struggle regarding books I submitted or 
proofed being replaced by PQ books.  I actually stopped proofreading for about 
four months or so and let Scott and Carrie know of my decision.
However, I found that I really missed proofreading therefore, I returned to 
doing so.  I submitted a couple of books that I really wanted to read, found 
several on the check out list that really interested me so I proofed them, and 
have recently been working with one main scanner who has been able to borrow 
books that I want to read; so I read by proofreading his scans.
I try not to think about the fact that these books may eventually be replaced, 
but I get the satisfaction by reading something that interests me and knowing 
it will be available to others from my efforts for a while, and hopefully 
I also had to adjust to the fact that Bookshare is a very different 
organization than when I began volunteering, and now that's okay too.
For me, the changes have been balanced against the huge number of books from PQ 
sources.  And for good and bad, very few things last forever.
Just my thoughts in case they help.

Lori C.

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  Well, Susan and I committed to do the cat book series by Shirley Rousseau 
Murphy and purchased most of the series only to now discover that the entire 
series has been pq'd.  We have about decided to stop submitting books and 
devote our time to something which will be more lasting.

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