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Hi, E. I agree with you. In fact, I just rejected a book yesterday that was
supposedly fair, but there was a lot of misplaced text. Sometimes, all the
text was there, but it was misplaced. Then, there were words that were
partially chopped, and it was sometimes hard, if not impossible, to tell
what the word was supposed to be, so I had to reject it. Take care.
Julie Morales
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I notice books on the step 1 page with fair or poor ratings.  Given the
kind of tools we have for software and the improvements in scanners in the
past five years or so, what excuse can there possibly be for submitting
books with "Many errors but legible throughout"?  They take a lot of time
to validate and sometimes cannot be fixed at all.  I just do not understand
such submissions unless they are books which have a lot of graphics or
something which the scanner software cannot grok.


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