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Hi all,

Original message:
The text may not be missing. Different ISBNs mean different editions.
Different editions may contain any number of differences other than the
binding. That is why I hope that Bookshare will not consider different
editions of the same title to be duplicates.

Ahem, Roger, my friend, you may be writing under the influence of New Year's punch, so I'll give you the benefit of the doubt here. However, one thing you need to consider here is the source of the msg. This is Valery Maples. who is first a careful and a detailed scanner and proofer. Second, she is a sighted volunteer and is looking at both books simultaneously; the Bookshare original scan, and the actual book with the different ISBN.

If Valery says there is missing text, she means just that. She is reading the sentences and they obviously are missing words in the sentences.

We all know that a different edition of a book means that text may be changed, expanded or streamlined, but in this case, Valery means exactly what she says. There are missing words and sentences from the book. She's not attempting to say that the two editions are the same. That's huccum she's askin' the questions. Again, a detailed and careful volunteer is asking questions to determine how to solve a problem.

That's why I suggested that she put BSO but that she write comments in the comments field. It's not the same edition, but the scan will be better.

Happy New Year to All,
Ann P.

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