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I do prefer the system of putting a book on the check out list for anyone to 
grab too. I have not had a book held for me yet and I do not particularly want 
it. That commits me and I may not be able to keep the commitment. Yes, if I 
realize that I will not be able to keep the commitment I could ask Carrie to 
remove the hold, but then it would be unavailable to anyone else until I did 
that. So let me propose something. I propose that we try the hold code idea. 
If you want to put up a book for grabs, but only for responsible proofreaders 
to grab then go ahead and type hold for reader 1 or reader 2 or whatever and 
announce it here. If after a reasonable time no one has taken it then ask 
Carrie to remove the hold. The reasonable time might be a week, amonth, two 
or whatever you think is reasonable. Even a couple of days might thwart Julie 
Barrett because she seems to only take books that have been freshly uploaded. 
Nicholas Wilcox does jiffy prooff older ones but he seems to strike less 
frequently. If the code does not work then we can discuss other tactics when we 
that it is not working. I make this proposal with the realization that it is 
something that may be frustrating to new volunteers because I know myself that 
attempting to browse the list for a book that is not being held is 
frustrating, but what else is to be done to ensure that our submissions get a 

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I used to only do hold fors when a person would ask for the book specifically 
because I liked the system of a person being able to browse the available
books and choose one. But that system is just not working the same way 
anymore, I guess, since there are generally few books to choose from. And then 
I noticed the pattern of the one person just snapping up all of my 
submissions and then checking them in 18-20 minutes later I began to see why so 
people submit with a hold for. They want quality proofreading work. It's only 
fair to the many members of Bookshare to get a good scan and a good proofread
so  I'm pretty sold on the hold for thing now and am actively looking for 
people to place a hold for.

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