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Unfortunately, the US copyright exemption that keeps Bookshare legal only covers nondramatic works. The good news is that plays in the public domain, or plays submitted by or with the permission of the copyright holder, are fair game. The Library of Congress has successfully obtained permission to produce some copyrighted plays, such as Arthur Miller's the Crucible, in alternative formats. Theoretically, Bookshare could do the same.


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Bookshare can't accept plays that are still in
copyright, though Shakespeare et al are o.k. I don't
know why not except that it seems to be an exception
in the copyright law -- or not an exception, should I
say. My guess is that it's because playwrights want
the royalties from when those who produce their plays
have to order the scripts from French, or whoever. Of
course sometimes enough copies can be obtained from
libraries, if the cast is small enough.


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Can one scan plays for bookshare?  If not, why not?
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