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I will do it but be aware it might take a month or so. Just put my name on it 
and will renew it until it is done but it will be done.
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  Hi all,
  whew! I finally finished scanning Chances. It took me forever since it was 
800 pages but I did it, tthe scan was a good one and I had lots of sighted 
help. Now I am starting Lucky, the sequel. I checked the bookshare site and see 
that lady boss, the third installment, is already in the library so won't be 
scanning that one. If anyone is interesteed in proofing Lucky, please let me 
know. 600 pages ia  lot to scan if it is just going to sit there waiting to be 
proofed for a year or so.
  take care everyone and have a great evening! 

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