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I use OB 8 and I've not encountered that issue. If you use the regular scan command it automatically scans a new page at the bottom of the document. If you use the scan and replace command, it scans over the page your cursor is on.

Actually what I do now after a lot of experimenting, is open OB then launch word from OB. That way I'm actually scanning directly into Word. I can then edit each page as I go or if I need to rescan a page I can delete to the end of the document and rescan the page. Also by scanning into word, I can see the mark up- paragraphs, quotes and listen to punctuation while I'm listening to the book. Scanning in to OB 8 scans a little cleaner, but you can't see or hear the mark up so it's hard to know if the paragraphs are being created. In my experience, OB puts a paragraph- or hard carriage return at the end of every line so I have to create the paragraph on each page before I move on. If I scan into Word, I can hear the mark up and can figure out how to compensate or correct the document as I go.


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Hi Amber!

Sorry to say but I've encountered the same problem over and over again with OB8. Maybe others do it differently, but I open an RTF file in Word and copy each page over to it as I scan it. It's very slow and cumbersome, but I don't lose my book that way or have a file I can't open or access again. Why don't you write to <mailto:support@freedomscientific>support@freedomscientific and see what they suggest.



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I am trying to scan a book. and I scan some and I save it. now here comes the problem, next scan it says do you want to save your changes and i say yes but it does not add to the book like I want it to so it replaces what i scanned before . I have openbook 8 can someone tell me how to save it as a whole book. it does this if I have to rescan a page, thanks, Amber G.


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