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  • Date: Sun, 11 Sep 2005 19:14:14 -0500

I had a similar nasty problem when I was forced to take a class on Windows NT. I only had access to my textbook online, and it was lousy access at that. Microsoft thought it was good enough of course. Everything about accessing the page was nearly impossible and then I had the password problem and noone could help me. Yes, that's right, the Microsoft department assigned the task of giving me access to that book from their servers couldn't help me. They just insisted there was no problem. I eventually did stumble accross the solution of finding and deleting all password files on the computer, but it took me forever to figure out what had happened, especially since I didn't normally let anything remember passwords for me. I am really sure I did try to delete what was already in the field and it didn't work, but maybe that was only true in that particular old situation. I really thought that someone had given directions for fixing that problem, so that is why I didn't try to help with it. I would have to do some investigation to learn the proper way of removing passwords. My method was to use the command line to delete the files holding the passwords not some other generally accepted method, and it was certainly not done in Windows Xp. :-)

Anyway, I got a D in that stupid class and I was completely traumatized by it, since i didn't get grades like that before. The stupid computer I was supposed to use didn't work well, I didn't get the correct version of JAWS until too late, the network admin at the school wouldn't allow NT computers on "his" network so I couldn't use the Internet while in the class thus giving me no access to my book in class, and I don't remember what else was terrible about it. I'll never forget about the password problem, though.

And If anyone wants a reason to hate publishers I have another similar story to tell. :-)

Sarah Van Oosterwijck
Assistive Technology Trainer

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